Ready To Sign Up For Services?


Ready to sign up for services?  Great!  To sign up for services, we need the following:

  • A copy of your property's insurance certificate .  A minimum of $500k general liability and Peak Properties must be listed as an additional insured.  
  • IRS Form W9 (revision must be December, 2014 or later)
  • For occupied units, we need a copy of the tenant file to include the lease and all applicable forms and copies of tenant correspondence and payment history
  • Association forms:  If your property is located within an association, we need a copy of the rules and regulations as well as any forms they require tenants to fill out.  Include their rules for new tenants, applications, fees and deposits.
  • You must send a notification letter to your association advising them that you have hired Peak Properties to manage your property.  Please forward a copy of the notification to us for our records.
  • Keys:  We need a complete set of keys for the unit as outlined in the key form you provide us.  IF the keys are "do not duplicate", we need 4 of each of these keys.  Keys that can be copied we can copy in house.
  • Management Agreement:  Please complete and sign the management agreement.  
  • FORM:  Comprehensive Unit Profile.
  • FORM:  Owner Direct Deposit form.  Where your rents will be wired to.
  • FORM:  Key Form.  List all keys, fobs, remotes, codes, etc needed for full access to the property.
  • FORM:  Property Management Contract
  • FORM:  IRS Form W(
  • FORM:  CAF Exclusive Listing Agreement